Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've Arrived.

     I have not seen much of Morocco yet. Just the bus, the airport, another bus and a coffee shop. I ordered a coffe speaking a mix of Darija and French "Ka-hu-wa un porte" (coffee to go). Everyone has been nice, even the lady who stood over me waiting for me to finish using the bathroom so she could clean it. I did get to finally see the Liberty Bell before I left Philly. The plane ride over was brutal. 40 volunteers flew on Royal Maroc. It was hot and they did not even show a movie not even a "Friends" rerun.

     I have not eaten meat since I've arrived. They had a red circle of beef bolgna for lunch and some beef stew. I hope they will have some chicken, fish, or turkey soon. However, the potatoes were some of the best I have ever tasted. 

     We have just gotten to know the people who will be our support for the next 2 and a quarter years. We are pretty diverse. There are 15 males and 25 females. There are over 10 people of color, three retirees, people who have had high profile professions (lawyers, bankers, etc), people who have traveled all over the world, and people who have never been out of the USA. I still don't know what is in store for me. They haven't let us travel outside of the complex yet. However, I was allowed to get some coffee (my Cultural lesion saw the desperation on my face and allowed me to go). I was so tempted to stretch that small leeway into a walkabout but I thought I better wait till I have more knowledge and support of Morocco. Being from the South Side of Chicago, I know that you better know where you are going and have business when you get there (or at least act like you do). Naivety gets you in trouble anywhere you go, so I need to get "in the know" before I start exploring this foreign land I will call my home. 

     From South Chicago to Morocco As-Salaam-Alaikum. (I hope I said that right; I got it from watching "Malcolm X."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Accepted-First blog post ever

I will serve my PC duty in Morocco starting September 6. I have to make a quick stop in Philly, though, for my last slice of Americana. Since I am going to have to learn a combination of Arabic/French/Berber-dialects, I'm trying to cram as much Spanish into my head before I leave. Estoy a ir para Morcco por Cuerpa de Paz. Estoy a ir serviendo por dos anos y tres meses.  I hope by 2013 to be able to say I speak Spanish, Arabic/French (if I don't get a good job with those qualifications then the system is against me).